Pulse Places

Pulse Places

Provide users with a content browser and trigger geofence and Bluetooth beacon scenarios with local push notifications.

Included with the Pulse Platform.

Pulse Places App

Ionic 2 Hybrid App

Pulse Places is based on the popular Ionic 2 framework. The app works on iOS and Android and consumes the Pulse Platform API to trigger content and local push notifications. Use it as a boilerplate for your own Pulse Platform installation. Restyle, rebrand and use the app for a franchise or personalize it for your business.

Technical Limitations

Mobile development is not simple and we advise not to buy Pulse Platform and Pulse Places if you don't have hybrid development experience. Or native, because you can create your own app based on the Pulse Platform API.

On iOS the app works as expected with the platform scenario builder. On Android there are some caveats. Currently it's not possible to trigger beacon enter and exit states when the app is killed. Also, because it's not possible to run hybrid code in a background service, geofences can't use scenario specific limitations like date / time, frequency and delay when the app is killed.

Use Cases

  • Welcome a user when he/she visits your event with general information
  • Offer a free coffee when a user visits your restaurant
  • Open a coupon when a user visits your store
  • Open a loyalty card when a user is near the checkout
  • Open a video when a user holds his/her phone near a product in your store
  • Show multi language content for objects in your museum
  • Notify tourists about nearby points of interest and local deals
  • Show fun facts about animals in your zoo
  • Show deals and discounts when users walk around stands
  • Create an adventure story game in your amusement park
  • Offer a meal deal on tuesday only
  • Invite users for a lunch during weekdays in the morning
  • Show different contextual content for object based on day, date and / or time
  • Notify users about real estate they are nearby
  • Send invitations to a party/wedding with a code or qr people can scan for surprises at the event
  • Inform users about food and drinks at festivals
  • Inform users about what band plays at what tent
  • Let your creativity flow!


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