Pulse Platform

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Mobile Marketing Platform for geofences and beacons. Self-hosted, white label, SAAS and content builders included.

Pulse Platform

Location Aware Content

This is a unique opportunity to expand your services to the growing IoT market. Become a location marketing authority by providing high quality tools for Bluetooth beacons, geofences and mobile content. The possibilities are endless and the market is open to explore.

Technology Stack

Pulse Places

How does it work?

People download the app (sold separately) and enter the code — or scan the QR — created for the event or location.

Content will show and in the background Bluetooth beacon and geofence scenarios are loaded. People will now receive notifications based on their location or proximity to objects.

Notification Board Scenarios

What can I do with this?

The Pulse Platform is a Swiss knife to create proximity campaigns and content for any type of business. The customer hospitality industry, stores, real estate, expositions, events. You name it.

Create scenarios with push notifications and content. Triggered by the GPS position of a smartphone or their proximity to a Bluetooth beacon.

Proximity platform

Great, what is it?

It's a PHP script you can install on your server. It's multi-user (SaaS), people can sign up at your domain to manage their own proximity campaigns and you can sell recurring subscriptions. There's even the option to add resellers with their own domain.

For geofence and Bluetooth beacon features the Pulse Places app is required. Customize and brand it your way.

Location based push notification

Do you have a demo?

Take a look at the platform demo and download the Android APK to test proximity features with the platform. There is an iOS version of the app, but there's no demo available for that.

Read the quick start guide for some information on how to get started. And feel free to ask questions if you can't get something working.

Loyalty Card

What do I need for this?

You need a VPS, dedicated server or — if you don't expect a high load — a common hosting account with PHP and MySQL. See the system requirements for more details.

The Pulse Places app is sold seperately and based on the Ionic 2 framework and works with Android and iOS.

Pulse Proximity Marketing Platform

This image is for visualization purposes only, the actual product is a digital download.

Can I add features?

Yes, the full source code is included. Of course it requires PHP and JavaScript knowledge, but you and your developers can customize everything.

The project is structured and based on Laravel 4.2, but don't expect in-depth documentation of flows and processes. That's up to your creativity.


  • White Label, your brand everywhere
  • Self-hosted, full access to the source code
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Avangate recurring payments for user accounts
  • Manual payments
  • 10 platform skins included
  • User registration
  • Offer White Label account to your customers
  • Subscription management
  • Send push notifications based on location with app
  • Manage Bluetooth beacon scenarios
  • Manage geo-fence scenarios, based on GPS location
  • Create unlimited Landing Pages, Mobile Sites and Location Scenarios
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Built to scale
  • User friendly and intuitive
  • Multi language support
  • Social login Facebook & Twitter
  • Media browser
  • Amazon S3 support

Landing Page Builder

  • Landing pages based on Bootstrap 3
  • All templates and blocks are responsive
  • Statistics with Piwik integrated
  • Free photo stock included
  • Form builder
  • Measure form conversion rate
  • Form data export
  • Embed videos
  • Open Street Maps
  • PayPal links
  • 2Checkout links
  • 30+ templates
  • 100+ HTML web blocks
  • 2000+ Icons

Mobile Site Builder

  • Mobile sites based on the Ionic 1 framework
  • Create QR, NFC and Eddystone content
  • PayPal and 2Checkout for subscriptions
  • Realtime statistics with heatmap
  • Generate and download QR codes
  • 40+ Mobile Themes
  • 20+ Widgets
  • Coupons for deals & promotions
  • Social widgets
  • Media widgets
  • Map widget with navigation
  • Multiple navigation layouts
  • Site icons included

Read this carefully

We also try to keep the FAQ updated.


It's easy to think everything is possible with location based content, but you need a starting point and there's a certain concept behind this platform. Make sure you understand it by testing the demo. Basically it works with one app (available for iOS and Android) for all customers to push geofence and Bluetooth beacon notifcations, and a web based platform to manage content and scenarios for this app.

Not all geofences and beacons entered in the platform are loaded by default. This would mean a perfomance impact and lead to potentially unwanted collisions and interference. End users need to activate places for which they want to receive location based content by scanning a QR or entering a code.

You can create multiple apps for multiple businesses with one platform. It's possible to create your own app based on the API or modify Pulse Places to suit your needs. You can even create an app - for example a restaurant, store or event app - which loads certain beacons and geofences in the background, without the user having to enter a code or scan a QR.

Geofences (regions)

Geofences are not accurate. They are device dependent and you need to move at least a couple of meters in order to trigger a change. In case of an iPhone, you might even need to move a couple of hundred meters. The radius of a geofence should be at least 50 meters. With testing we had situations where a geofence threshold could be up to another 50 meters. So, it's not advisable to have multiple geofences with a small radius near each other. Or at least run some tests when you need to.

As a rule of thumb, use geofences to target large regions and Bluetooth beacons for detailed object or place related content. For example, you could set up one geofence for a store, and multiple beacons for products.

Bluetooth beacons

While Bluetooth beacons are more precise, there are differences in response for 30 seconds or more depending on device and situation. Especially when triggering out-of-range scenarios, because the device needs to make sure there the bluetooth signal is gone and that it's no temporary lag. You can configure the range (signal strength) and polling interval of a beacon with the manufacturer's app. The higher the interval, the faster the response, but the more battery power it will take.

Bluetooth signals are blocked by metal, water and concrete. Since humans are 60% water, you might want to place the beacons at ceiling level for crowded places.

Native App - Pulse Places

Buy this boilerplace app if you have good knowledge of hybrid app development. It's meant as a starting point, it's not a perfect user experience.

The Pulse Places app is based on the Ionic 2 framework. It's sold seperately because it's a different technology. The app might not work with all phones and operating system versions, please let us know if you run into an issue and we'll try to fix it. It's beyond the scope of support to teach app development or Ionic 2. And due to the complex nature of mobile development in conjunction with hardware (beacon and various device models), we simply can't guarantuee it's working 100%. If you don't accept this, you can create your own app based on the API or decide to not buy this project.

It's your responsibility to debug, build, compile, sign, etc. the app. We don't offer support on that. Also it's possible to create apps with different technologies based on the API.

Content like images, video and text which are shown when triggering scenarios, are hosted with the platform or on your own domain. This content is not cached or built into the app, so an internet connection is required to show the content.


Only buy this if you have enough technical knowledge, understand how beacons and geofences work and are willing to invest a lot of time in this. Don't expect a one-hour solution to start a new business. This is a large project that took thousands of hours of research, development and design. The platform has been tested, but there will be bugs, not everything is documented yet and there may be features that don't live up to your expectations. Showstoppers have priority and we try to fix all bugs ASAP. Please take a good look at the demo and ask anything you're not sure about. Because of the low, one time fee we ask for this platform, we can only provide free support on the forums. We can't FTP into servers to research hardware of software specific issues. We do offer an installation service on servers we've selected.

Make sure you understand the requirements. Developing and implementing new features takes a lot of time. Of course you're free to improve features yourself of hire developers to do this.

Thank you for your understanding!